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37c – Samphire Hoe to Folkestone

We finished lunch on the far western end of Samphire Hoe Country Park, and then dropped down onto the shingle beach below.  The tide was out, allowing us a passage to Folkestone underneath the cliffs.  The low November sun was our … Continue reading

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37b – Dover to Samphire Hoe

We had observed our two minutes’ silence on Remembrance Sunday on the white cliffs of Dover.  The sirens from the harbour sounded again to mark its end, followed by the cannon behind us.  We picked up our bags and continued up the cliff.  The … Continue reading

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37a – Leaving Dover

I love the still, crisp, clear days that the onset of winter can bring.  Today, the sun reflected off the peaceful waters of Dover harbour, and we began our walk out of the town. We walked along Marine Parade, a promenade of … Continue reading

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36d – St Margarets at Cliffe to Dover

The path out of St Margaret’s Bay rises steeply to Ness Point. The map shows a path which appears to climb the very front of the cliff; but the obvious path to us, who were not studying the map in … Continue reading

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36c – Kingsdown to St Margarets at Cliffe

In my last post I described how four Apache helicopters had appeared out of nowhere, coming from the direction of France and flying right over our heads to disappear inland.  It was an incredible sight.  As they disappeared, we squinted into … Continue reading

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36b – Deal to Kingsdown

We left Deal Pier and headed south towards the cliffs, but stopped almost immediately to have a look at the Deal Time-Ball. This building was originally a semaphore station until semaphore was abandoned in 1842.  It stood derelict until 1853, … Continue reading

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36a – Deal

Deal, it has to be said, seemed to offer a point of interest for us at every few yards.  We started our walk today towards the northern end of the town, and within a few steps came across an information board … Continue reading

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