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66i – Lee-on-Solent

As we reached Lee-on-Solent we got our first look at the vast industry on the far bank of Southampton Water.  This would dominate our skyline for many miles, getting closer and closer. But at Lee-on-Solent it wasn’t the heavy industry … Continue reading

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65g – Southsea Part IV

The Southsea Hovercraft to the Isle of Wight only runs once an hour, so we were lucky to see it arrive just as we approached the hoverport.  Look!  Here it comes! It throws up quite a lot of spray, doesn’t it? … Continue reading

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35a – Cliffs End to Sandwich

Weather, work and even weddings have thwarted our walking for weeks.  So we found ourselves at half term, and two tired children needed some rest and relaxation after some momentously tiring schooling.  What better way is there to relax, I thought, than to route march them … Continue reading

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