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80b – Leaving Lulworth

The path heading west out of Lulworth diverts inland slightly, leading up in a shallow arc to reach Hanbury Tout 440 feet above sea level.  It then leads back down to rejoin the coast again half a mile or so … Continue reading

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80a – Lulworth

The Lulworth Crumple – a strange name, don’t you think?  It is a peculiar name.  Before we got to see it there were many theories as to what it might be in our household.  What was it, this Lulworth Crumple? … Continue reading

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The Coastal Path gets Published and Apologies to Taipei

If there is one thing I cannot abide it is being late.  If I need to be somewhere at a certain time then I like to be there when I say I will be there.  To the minute. I am … Continue reading

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