Miscellaneous Statistics:

      • Geocaches Found en-route:  373
      • Taxi Fares Getting Back to the Car at the End of a Walk:  £878.50
      • Number of Times Drenched by Rain (and I mean DRENCHED):  2
      • Modes of Transport other than Walking:  Ferry (8); Roller Coaster (2); Log Flume (2)
      • Number of Naked Adults seen:  3
Strange Search Engine Terms which have been used to navigate to this blog (I hope they found what they were looking for, though not necessarily in my blog):
    • Fetish all the way through
    • Gay cruising Coalhouse Fort
    • Cow walking backward
    • Vandalizing graveyards
    • Women on oil rigs nude
    • Where do I buy a bone for my dog in Tilbury?


At the end of each walk are a couple of brief statistics, namely the total length of the walk and the total number of miles walked in the series so far. However, from Walk #2 onwards we are also providing a link to a Garmin page, where the complete statistics of each walk, including an interactive map, are published. These are taken with a GPS device we carry with us and are uploaded to the computer afterwards. If you like your stats I would recommend you have a look at this link. By clicking on “Player” tab to the right hand side of the tool bar this site will even play the walk back to you.

Finally, the GPS device is turned on when we start the walk and turned off when we end. Thus, whilst a walk may only be a few miles “as the crow flies”, the GPS measures every step we take. So when we wander around a pier, or beachfront theme park, that distance is measured too. The mileage displayed at the end of each walk is for the actual distance we have walked.

Here are quick links to the walks measured with the GPS device:

1 9 October 2011 Essex Haven Point to Shoebury East Beach 6.29 6.29 Oops!   Not Uploaded!
2 26 October 2011 Essex Shoebury East Beach to Southend-on-Sea 5.28 11.57 CLICK
3 6 November 2011 Essex Southend-on-Sea to Two Tree Island 8.07 19.64 CLICK
4 27 November 2011 Essex Two Tree Island to Benfleet 3.46 23.10 CLICK
5 4 December 2011 Essex Benfleet to Canvey Island Beach 6.32 29.42 CLICK
6 7 January 2012 Essex Canvey Island Beach to Benfleet 9.18 38.60 PART I and PART II
7 14 January 2012 Essex Benfleet to Fobbing 8.28 46.88 CLICK
8 21 January 2012 Essex Fobbing to East Tilbury 6.29 53.17 CLICK
9 4 February 2012 Essex East Tilbury to Coalhouse Fort 4.91 58.08 CLICK
10 11 February 2012 Essex East Tilbury to Tilbury 7.70 65.78 CLICK
11 17 February 2012 Essex/Kent Coalhouse Fort to Gravesend 5.74 71.52 CLICK
12 25 February 2012 Kent Gravesend to Cliffe 9.16 80.68 CLICK
13 10 March 2012 Kent Cliffe to Allhallows 14.39 95.07 CLICK
14 25 March 2012 Kent Allhallows to Allhallows 4.05 99.12 CLICK
15 13 April 2012 Kent Allhallows to Grain 7.00 106.12 CLICK
16 14 April 2012 Kent Grain to Grain 6.34 112.46 CLICK
17 21 April 2012 Kent Grain to Stoke 3.31 115.77 CLICK
18 7 May 2012 Kent Stoke to Upnor 7.03 122.80 CLICK
19 12 May 2012 Kent Upnor to Chatham 7.74 130.54 CLICK
20 19 May 2012 Kent Chatham to Lower Twydall 7.99 138.53 CLICK
21 26 May 2012 Kent Lower Twydall to Lower Halstow 9.12 147.65 CLICK
22 9 June 2012 Kent Lower Halstow to Queenborough 11.60 159.25 CLICK
23 16 June 2012 Kent Queenborough to Warden 11.68 170.93 CLICK
24 30 June 2012 Kent Warden to Warden 14.30 185.23 CLICK
25 22 July 2012 Kent Warden to Swale 10.95 196.18 CLICK
26 26 July 2012 Kent Swale to Sittingbourne 4.77 200.95 CLICK
27 11 August 2012 Kent Sittingbourne to Faversham 12.20 213.15 CLICK
28 18 August 2012 Kent Faversham to Seasalter 10.05 223.20 CLICK
29 26 August 2012 Kent Seasalter to Whitstable 6.54 229.74 CLICK
30 27 August 2012 Kent Whitstable to Herne Bay 2.88 232.62 CLICK
31 2 September 2012 Kent Herne Bay to Birchington 9.80 242.42 CLICK
32 8 September 2012 Kent Birchington to Margate 9.54 251.96 CLICK
33 15 September 2012 Kent Margate to Broadstairs 8.02 259.98 CLICK
34 22 September 2012 Kent Broadstairs to Cliffs End 6.48 266.46 CLICK
35 29 October 2012 Kent Cliffs End to Deal 10.36 276.82 CLICK
36 30 October 2012 Kent Deal to Dover 11.89 288.71 CLICK
37 11 November 2012 Kent Dover to Folkestone 8.42 297.13 CLICK
38 18 November 2012 Kent Folkestone to Hythe 7.84 304.97 CLICK
39 1 December 2012 Kent Hythe to Littlestone 8.82 313.79 CLICK
40 26 December 2012 Kent Littlestone to Dungeness 6.32 320.11 CLICK
41 3 January 2013 Kent Dungeness 7.06 327.17 CLICK
42 5 January 2013 Kent/East Sussex Dungeness to Rye 12.42 339.59 CLICK
43 3 February 2013 East Sussex Rye to Winchelsea 5.52 345.11 CLICK
44 9 February 2013 East Sussex Winchelsea to Hastings 9.20 354.31 CLICK
45 17 February 2013 East Sussex Hastings to Norman’s Bay 11.64 365.95 CLICK
46 18 February 2013 East Sussex Norman’s Bay to Eastbourne 9.51 375.46 CLICK
47 2 March 2013 East Sussex Eastbourne to Birling Gap 7.39 382.85 CLICK
48 1 April 2013 East Sussex Birling Gap to Seaford 7.82 390.67 CLICK
49 14 April 2013 East Sussex Seven Sisters and Beachy Head 11.16 401.83 CLICK
50 5 May 2013 East Sussex Seaford to Peacehaven 9.62 411.45 CLICK
51 12 May 2013 East Sussex Peacehaven to Brighton 8.04 419.49 CLICK
52 26 May 2013 East Sussex Brighton to Shoreham 8.71 428.20 CLICK
53 27 May 2013 West Sussex Shoreham 7.72 435.92 CLICK
54 31 May 2013 West Sussex Shoreham to Goring-by-Sea 9.72 445.64 CLICK
55 1 June 2013 West Sussex Goring-by-Sea to Littlehampton 8.58 454.22 CLICK
56 28 July 2013 West Sussex Littlehampton to Bognor Regis 8.30 462.52 CLICK
57 4 August 2013 West Sussex Bognor Regis to Selsey 10.27 472.79 CLICK
58 18 August 2013 West Sussex Selsey to West Wittering 8.77 481.56 CLICK
59 21 September 2013 West Sussex West Wittering to Bosham 10.05 491.61 CLICK
60 29 September 2013 West Sussex Bosham to Prinsted 9.04 500.65 CLICK
61 17 November 2013 West Sussex Prinsted to Emsworth 8.24 508.89 CLICK
62 26 December 2013 West Sussex / Hampshire Emsworth to Hayling Island 8.25 517.14 CLICK
63 29 December 2013 Hampshire Hayling Island 9.60 526.74 CLICK
64 11 January 2014 Hampshire Spinnaker Tower and Hayling Island 3.49 530.23 CLICK
65 2 February 2014 Hampshire Hayling Island to Gosport 8.53 538.76 CLICK
66 19 February 2014 Hampshire Gosport to Hamble-Le-Rice 15.29 554.05 CLICK
67 29 March 2014 Hampshire Hamble-Le-Rice to Hythe 9.49 563.54 CLICK
68 13 April 2014 Hampshire Hythe to Lepe 12.90 576.44 CLICK
69 14 April 2014 Hampshire Lepe to Lymington 16.91 593.35 CLICK
70 19 April 2014 Hampshire Lymington to Barton-on-Sea 13.35 606.70 CLICK
71 3 May 2014 Hampshire/Dorset Barton-on-Sea to Boscombe 12.44 619.14 CLICK
72 30 May 2014 Dorset Boscombe to Bournemouth 3.51 622.65 CLICK
73 31 May 2014 Dorset Bournemouth 3.66 626.31 CLICK
74 16 August 2014 Dorset Bournemouth to Poole 4.47 630.78 CLICK
75 17 August 2014 Dorset Poole to Studland 3.84 634.62 CLICK
76 26 December 2014 Dorset Studland to Swanage 6.83 641.45 CLICK
77 27 December 2014 Dorset Swanage to Worth Matravers 9.55 651.00 CLICK

11 Responses to Statistics

  1. joe says:

    wow – really informative, good luck on yr travels: your kids will cherish the memories!

  2. Andrew says:

    What a jolly good and pleasant idea. Am most envious. Hope you make it all the way round! The getting back to the car at end of day snag would likely be the thing that put me off … but then again I’m more than a little tempted to try it myself

    • wingclipped says:

      Thanks for your comment, Andrew. I really would recommend it. The walks are full of surprises (some bad, I accept, but most good). As for the car problem, a lot of places have buses or trains that run along the seafront. We tend to opt for the taxi option. If you decide to give it a go let us know how you get on! Nic

  3. Linda Farrington says:

    As we are local to North Kent we have done many of the Kent stretches, and found the mileage statistics very interesting (no wonder we got so tired!) – await the next instalment eagerly.

  4. Neil says:

    Hi Nic. My fiancee and I are also keen walkers, and have recently developed a strong fondness for Thanet and Dover. Your and Ruth Livingstone’s blogs have been a real inspiration to us 🙂 We were just wondering what device you use for the Garmin statistics? We often go on long walks at the weekends and end up wondering how far we’ve walked etc, and I was wondering if you could suggest a unit? I also quite like Garmin, having used a Garmin SatNav for many years, and have noticed that the eTrek models all appear very highly in the Amazon bestsellers list. In particular, we’d like a model that determine’s the height gain/elevation as in your statistics, and also one that could achieve the same sort of statistics/map page that you have here. Does that require additional software, or can you upload and share those pages out of the box?

    We’d be very grateful if you have the time to share any advice.

    Kind regards, Neil

    • Wingclipped says:

      Hi Neil and thanks for your comment. I used toi have an e-Trex but that really is very much at the entry end of the market. For a start, it doesn’t have maps on it, which other devices do, and it is black and white pixels. How much data it will record on your travels I have no idea, but from what you are saying I would not recommend it for you.

      A few years ago I upgraded to the Garmin Dakota 20 and have not looked back. It connects to the PC, it has full mapping (even showing footpaths, and in better detail than the OS Explorer maps), and it records a huge amount of data – trip odometer, speed (current, max, average etc), pace, elevation, time (moving and stopping) and lots more. If you geocahe then it has a full geocaching capability, save for wherigo. Importantly, for what you are doing, the battery life is good – I have done two full days’ walking on a single set.

      With regard to height gain and elevation, you need to be a little careful. If you check my pages for Canvey Island (which is as flat as a pancake) my GPS seemed to attribute over a thousand feet, so something was clearly wrong. On the plus side, when I went to Scotland and climbed a Munro it seemed to be very accurate indeed – to within a few feet. That walk is on this blog too – just browse the Scotland section.

      With regard to the additional software, the one thing you will need is to download the maps. The Garmin pre-installed maps are so basic they are almost useless. Do a Google search on “talkytoaster maps” and that will take you to the talkytoaster website where a complete map of the British Isles can be downloaded for free. That is quite an amazin map – as I say, it has all the walkers’ footpaths on it, plus pubs, telephones, etc.

      In terms of uploading your stats and sharing them, the pages my blog directs you to are all included and “out of the box”. You just need to register, hook up and off you go. What you can’t see on those pages as a member of the public (and what is one of the best things about the software) is that you can export your walks and view them in Google Earth.

      There you have it. If my GPS was lost tomorrow I’d go straight for the Dakota 20 again.

      Let us know how you get on!


  5. Neil says:

    Hi Nic. Thank you so much for this very detailed and useful information. We had thought the same about the eTrex 10 because the monochrome display didn’t look very helpful, so we were considering the eTrex 20, but it’s good to know of the Dakota range. Having had a quick browse online, it looks as though the new eTrex models are more recent in terms of their release date, but the Dakota models still seem to be a similar price. It seems the main differences are that the Dakota models are touchscreen, whereas the eTrex ones use a ‘joystick’, but that the eTrex models also use GLONASS satellites for extra accuracy. I think we’ll do some research on it and maybe treat ourselves for Christmas 🙂

    Thank you also for the advice on the talkytoaster maps for maps of footpaths. That will be especially useful as we have found on some occasions that we lost the footpath signs (if they were even there!) and had to guess which way to go to pick up the trail. This happened especially when walking round Mam Tor in the Peak District. Thankfully we’d allowed enough time, but it could have been worse if we’d have started losing daylight…

    Thanks again, and also for your excellent blog that really prompted us to treat ourselves to some new kit.


  6. Neil says:

    Hi again Nic, and Happy New Year! I thought I’d write to say that today was our first outing using our new GPSR… and we absolutely loved it! 🙂

    We decided to wait until after Christmas in the end to see if there were any good deals in the sales, and we got lucky; we’d looked into both the Dakota 20 and the eTrex 20, and spookily enough the day we started looking to buy one, the eTrex 20 came up in an Amazon lightning sale at just £85, half the price of the Dakota, so we thought we’d give it a go… It arrived today so we went for a nice afternoon walk and so far we are very impressed, both with the unit and with how much using a GPSR added to our enjoyment and interest in the walk. I can see this becoming a significant hobby of ours!

    I also wanted to say thanks again for your advice when we last spoke. I connected the unit to my laptop as soon as we got back, created a Garmin Connect account and had the map and stats of our walk up in no time. The player that animates where you were and when with the speed and elevation details is especially fascinating. We’ve also spent a good hour or so enjoying the route on Google Earth too – thank you for the tip! Lastly, I’ve just downloaded the routable British Isles Map with contours from and I am so glad I’ve done so, as the pre-installed map is, as you say, truly awful! Knowing where I could get a good free map has maintained our enthusiasm for it all!

    Sadly, the “OS 1:50K Look and Feel” map is no longer free due to due to copyright theft issues, but it’s understandable why the owner would need to try to prevent this, and it looks like it’s only £10. Is this the map that you use or do you use the basic mapset? Having the best one for footpaths would certainly save us from getting lost when we go ‘off piste’, lol!

    I hope you’re well, and thanks again for your help and your significant influence on our new hobby! 🙂


    • Wingclipped says:

      Hi again Neil – Many thanks for taking the time to write and I’m glad you are happy with the purchase – the price sounds very good!

      With regard to the maps on talkytoaster, if you follow the link in your message, that page has two tables on it. I am pretty sure I downloaded the first map (with contours) on the second table. That one is fantastic and has all the footpaths on it.

      Enjoy your walking!


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