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Orkney: The Churchill Barriers Part 1

 Scapa Flow is a body of water forming a natural harbour.  It is nestled in amongst several of the Orkney Islands.  During World War II it was the chief British naval base, due primarily to its being so far north and away from the reach … Continue reading

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Orkney: Highland Park Distillery

The Coastal Path is a blog about walking around the coast of Britain.  Our walk does not include islands (although if there is a bridge to an island then we will generally try to include it).  The Orkneys were never meant to feature on our … Continue reading

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39 – Hythe to Littlestone

Our last walk was stopped short at the boundary of Hythe Ranges, due to live firing.  When there is no live firing it is possible to walk along the shoreline, in front of the ranges.  However, the ranges are intensively used, often seven … Continue reading

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38d – Sandgate to Hythe

The journey between Sandgate and Hythe is pleasant enough but uneventful, to say the least.  With a shingle beach to the left, and open land with a golf course to the right, the red tarmac promenade cuts straight through the middle.  There … Continue reading

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38c – Folkestone to Sandgate

The way out of Folkestone is via a long promenade of what seems like never-ending straightness.  A promenade was first constructed in Folkestone to support the Victorian holiday trade.  A pier was opened in 1888, along with one of the earliest rollercoasters, … Continue reading

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38b – Folkestone Part II

Fishermen.  There they were – lined up on the seaward side of Folkestone Harbour Pier.  We have walked 300 miles around the coast of Britain so far.  I have no idea how many fishermen we have seen, but they certainly … Continue reading

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38a – Folkestone Part I

We arrived back at Folkestone on one of those sunny winter mornings where even the smallest detail in the distance can be seen in sharp clarity.  We parked at the top of the cliff overlooking the beach.  The tide was … Continue reading

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