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Catherine’s Toe

Catherine’s Toe is not the name of some rocky peninsula we encountered on our coastal walk.  It is, rather, one of five fleshy peninsulas on my daughter’s foot. We have not been able to do much walking during the months of March and April.  … Continue reading

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The Coastal Path in Scotland – Deanston Distillery

Today’s trip was to Deanston, a distillery featured in the 2012 film by Ken Loach, The Angel’s Share. It is only since the release of the film that the Visitors’ Centre has been open. The distillery itself is housed in … Continue reading

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The Coastal Path In Scotland – Linlithgow Loch

I had to go up to Scotland on business in mid-March.  I stayed in Linlithgow, about 16 miles due west of Edinburgh.  Running along the north of the town is Linlithgow Loch, a beautiful stretch of inland water.  On its … Continue reading

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47f – Beachy Head to Birling Gap

We left Beachy Head and started walking along the undulating cliffs, towards the Belle Tout Lighthouse and on to Birling Gap. We decided not to walk too close to the edge here.  The overhanging outcrops of rock looked just a … Continue reading

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47e – Beachy Head Part II

Beachy Head is very well known for its lighthouse.  Built at the base of the cliffs, fantastic views are to be had from various vantage points when walking high above it. At some points on the edges of the cliffs, fences … Continue reading

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47d – Beachy Head Part I

As we walked around Beachy Head we arrived at the Watch Tower, or at least what was left of it.  Originally a signalling station built in 1896, the roof and most of the walls have long gone.  It is now a seating … Continue reading

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47c – Eastbourne to Beachy Head

We left Eastbourne and began the climb up to Beachy Head. Half way up we were rather surprised to see a sports field, nestled in a valley between two hills.  It seemed irrational to have a sports pitch on top of a cliff.  If you … Continue reading

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47b – Eastbourne Part II

We walked along Eastbourne’s seafront and soon reached the “Wish Tower”.  This is in fact Martello Tower #73.  It has been unused for a decade or so and sits there prettily enough, but doing very little.  Local groups are trying to get … Continue reading

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47a – Eastbourne Part I

Our walk today started back at Eastbourne Pier.  Although we had visited the pier at the end of our last walk, we decided to wander up to its head again to get a view of today’s coastal path.  The  white cliffs … Continue reading

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46d – Sovereign Harbour to Eastbourne

We have seen many Martello Towers, coastal artillery forts, and other historical round structures on our travels.  Thus, when we left Sovereign Harbour and saw another interesting round structure up ahead, I wondered when this one had been built and … Continue reading

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