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76e – Swanage Part II

There is one part of Swanage seafront which is somewhat decrepit.  The Old Pier Head Building stands out like a sore thumb and has been the subject of local concern for many years.  In 2007 artists Nina Camplin and Antonia … Continue reading

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73 – Bournemouth

It was a short walk today. We zipped up Bournemouth Pier. We looked east. And then we looked west. We zipped back down the pier. I stopped to take a picture of a strange ball bearing-like thing which sat on … Continue reading

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72b – Boscombe Part II

The boards of Boscombe Pier made for comfortable walking.  I could not really put my finger on why exactly, but piers are made for walking on and I enjoyed walking on Boscombe Pier.  And whilst it is true to say … Continue reading

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71i – Southbourne to Boscombe

The cliffs between Southbourne and Boscombe are not that high (about 95 feet according to my GPS).  All the same, they draw numberous paragliders who manage to get airborne from here and float up and down the coast.  Because they … Continue reading

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67f – Hythe Part I

Britain’s piers generally have quite a bad time of it.  Some are burnt down (accidentally or otherwise).  Some are blown down (or indeed blown up).  And those that aren’t blown down are sometimes mown down, by ships that found themselves … Continue reading

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66d – Stokes Bay Part II

Stokes Bay once had a pier.  Built in 1862-3 it acted as ferry terminal and took passengers to the Isle of Wight, with ferries running five times a day and with a journey time of 15 minutes.  It even had a … Continue reading

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65c – Eastney to Southsea

As we headed out of Eastney and into Southsea we passed the Royal Marines Museum.  At its entrance is an imposing, larger-than-life statue of a Royal Marine. The statue is based on a photograph of one particular member of the … Continue reading

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56e – Felpham to Bognor Regis

As we walked from Felpham, the Bognor Regis skyline was dominated by the multi-domed structure of Butlin’s Holiday Camp.  To me it was an eyesore.  From Felpham it looked like it towered over the town, drawing all attention to its … Continue reading

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54e – Worthing Part II

Before we got to Worthing Pier we walked across Splash Point, an area hailed as one of the most exposed points on the south coast of England (although it doesn’t look it on Google Earth). There is a sea wall … Continue reading

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52e – Brighton to Hove

As we walked along the promenade at Brighton Beach we watched the world descend on Brighton; the hot weather pulled them in like fireflies to a lamp.  The bikers were in town today!  When it comes to Brighton Beach and … Continue reading

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