The Coastal Path in Bergen – Walking Up Mount Floyen

Mount Floyen stands just behind Bergen and is a relatively straight forward walk from the city centre.  The funicular railway runs regularly – you can see it snaking up the hillside.

Mount FloyenThe walk to the funicular leads through some particularly pretty passageways of which we discovered quite a few in different parts of the city.

Beautiful BergenThe gentle walk up the hillside zig-zags its way slowly on a well-formed pathway.

The Walk up Mount FloyenThere are some good views to be had from between the trees and at several points you can also wave to the people using the funicular and feel good for taking the trouble to walk.

Funicular RailwayAt the top there are some great views to be had across Bergen below.

View over BergenAfter the multitude of people wandering around the centre of Bergen for the Tall Ship Races, we found comparative solitude of Mount Floyen a welcome relief.  Just behind the top funicular station the slopes are wooded and lush, with all sorts of paths and tracks running through them.  We went and lost ourselves in the trees for a while.

Walking in FloyenIt was during this quiet moment of respite, when we were at one with nature and not with the city, that something spectacular happened.  It was something we had given up on.  Something that made us stop dead in our tracks and smile and laugh:  after over a week of 30°C heat and scorching sun, it suddenly started to rain.  I cannot tell you how good that made us feel, although perhaps this photo will give you the general idea.

Rain at Last!

Points in this post (copy and paste the co-ordinates into Google Earth):

  • Narrow Bergen Streets:  N 60° 23.734 E 005° 19.775
  • Funicular Railway (Bottom):  N 60° 23.767 E 005° 19.875
  • Funicular Railway (top):  N 60° 23.687 E 005° 20.575
  • Walking on Floyen:  N 60° 23.800 E 005° 20.930

Walk Statistics:

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3 Responses to The Coastal Path in Bergen – Walking Up Mount Floyen

  1. Aaron says:

    Love Bergen ❤️

  2. jcombe says:

    I did the same walk, it was lovely and well signed too. Did you see squirells in the woodland? They looked red but, a bit of a darker red than the (rare) red ones in the UK.

    • Wingclipped says:

      Hi JC – I can’t remember seeing any squirrels to be honest, but it was a beautiful walk. Up and down, springy under foot, paths all over the place. Great fun! Nic

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