57d – Pagham Harbour Part III

We saw a lot of wildlife as we walked around the second half of Pagham Harbour.  To start with, there was this chap, a Painted Lady.

Painted Lady Butterfly at Pagham Harbour

See how his tongue is buried inside the thistle?  I spent a fair few minutes engrossed in taking this and a few other shots.  I finally finished and glanced up.  Not only were the rest of the Coastal Clan waiting patiently behind me; there were a couple in front standing a respectful 50 yards away, waiting for me to finish my work.  I flushed a Painted Lady deep salmon pink as I thanked everyone for their patience.

We also saw this chap, a grey heron.

Grey Heron at Pagham HarbourHe studied us from the opposite bank as we studied him.  He got bored of us before we got bored of him.  He crouched and then leaped, heaving himself upwards with a great billow of his wings, catching his own shadow in their span.

Grey Heron Take OffThe wildlife was not the only beauty here.  The landscape of varied colours exuded a peace that was only rarely broken by other walkers.

Pagham Harbour LandscapeThe green of the fields was almost biscuit-baked by the sun into a warm golden brown.

Pagham Harbour Fields

Eventually, we made it back to the coast.  We had enjoyed our detour around Pagham Harbour but it was time to turn west again and continue our Coastal Path.

Arriving Back at the Coast

Points on this part of the walk (copy and paste the co-ordinates into Google Earth):

  • Path Leading Around the Western Edge of Pagham Harbour:  N 50° 45.913 W 000° 46.850
  • Path Leading Around the Western Edge of Pagham Harbour::  N 50° 45.655 W 000° 46.350
  • Arrival Back at the Coast:  N 50° 45.046 W 000° 45.700

Walk #57 Statistics (of which this post forms the fourth part):

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2 Responses to 57d – Pagham Harbour Part III

  1. Jill says:

    I hate taking pictures of wildlife while other people are waiting me. I always feel pressured to keep moving with them and not be able to wait for *that* picture… :/

    You obviously don’t have that problem – your pictures are great!

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