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The Coastal Path Gets Published Again!

Every now and again I get requests from people or companies who want to use my photos for one project or another.  I am chuffed to bits when this happens.  I enjoy photography, but I am little more than a … Continue reading

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42b – Lydd to the Kent Border

When we arrived in Lydd we stopped off very quickly at All Saints Church, for a quick rest on its wall.  All Saints, at 199 feet in length, is Kent’s longest church.  It’s tower stands at 132 feet, which also makes … Continue reading

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42a – Dungeness to Lydd

The trek inland from Dungeness, around Lydd Ranges, is rather a long one, involving about 6½ miles of road.  The first section, from Dungeness to Lydd, is along the Dungeness Road.  This is a fast road with no pavement, meaning my … Continue reading

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41c – Leaving Dungeness

It is impossible to walk out of Dungeness by heading west.  Lydd Ranges bar the way.  You have to walk north, inland, and circumnavigate the Ranges.  There is still a choice on how to leave, however:  the road, or a … Continue reading

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41b – Dungeness Part 2

The Nuclear Power Station at Dungeness is  in fact two nuclear power stations.  They are known as Dungeness A and Dungeness B. Dungeness A started generating power in 1965, and stopped in 2006.  It is now being decommissioned, which is a … Continue reading

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41a – Dungeness Part 1

Dungeness Point is well known for its two lighthouses.  Although one is termed the “old” lighthouse and one the “new”, there have in fact been five lighthouses in Dungeness’ history. With its shifting banks of shingle, Dungeness had always been considered dangerous … Continue reading

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40d – Entering Dungeness

Dungeness is Britain’s only desert.   It seems strange to have a desert in the UK, particularly one that lies on the coast and which is also surrounded by man-made lakes.  But Dungeness is, officially, a desert.  It is said that … Continue reading

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40c – Greatstone to Dungeness

As we left Greatstone, two youths trundled onto the beach where it had been exposed by the receding tide.  One of them pulled a home-made cart behind him, consisting of a plastic crate fastened to some pram wheels.  The other carried … Continue reading

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40b – Littlestone to Greatstone

We left Littlestone by way of the dunes which ran alongside the beach.  They acted as something of a windbreak, and the ground was easygoing. Eventually we wanted to be closer to the sea, so we walked onto the wide expanse of … Continue reading

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40a – Littlestone

My wife always likes to have a cup of coffee before we leave home and drive down to the coast.  Given that the journey time is currently two hours, and given that coffee is a diuretic, my wife’s morning drink generally … Continue reading

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