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81c – Weymouth Part I

I am sorry to start on a negative note, but there is one thing about Weymouth I just cannot get on with.  It has a statue that I really do not like.  Painted in vivid red, white, blue and gold, here it … Continue reading

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69h – St Leonard’s Grange to Needs Oar Point

As we left St Leonard’s Grange we passed Needs Oar Point.  It is just a field today, but for a brief period it was an airfield during World War Two. In 1943 the land was levelled, ditches filled in, hedges … Continue reading

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69a – Lepe Part I

The hamlet of Lepe is a quiet little place in the early morning.  It is peaceful; silent and deserted.  It gives the impression that nothing goes on here.  The Watch House, built in 1828 to combat smuggling in this section of the … Continue reading

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66n – Chilling to Hamble-Le-Rice

Would we make the last ferry of the day?  Walk faster, everyone!  In our hurry I nearly guided us onto Hook Spit, a northward pointing spit of land which is curved like a hook and from which the local village … Continue reading

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66c – Stokes Bay Part I

As we walked northwest along the shores of Stokes Bay we came across a memorial. It remembered the men who had built sections of the Mulberry Harbours during World War Two, the great concrete structures that were floated across the … Continue reading

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