A Sneak Preview: The Humber Bridge

We have thousands of miles and many years of walking to complete before we get to the Humber Bridge.  But if my work happens to take me up there am I be blamed for taking advantage of a sneak preview??

The Humber Bridge straddles the River Humber, connecting North Lincolnshire with East Riding of Yorkshire.  One day we hope to be walking across it on our “return leg” down the east coast.  It is a beast of a bridge, with a main span of 1,410 metres and a total span of 2,220 metres.  This means that even with my wide-angle lens I had trouble fitting it in to a single photograph.  I walked on and on, turning intermittently to see if the entire span would fit into a single frame.  By the time it did I was so far away I could almost see the curvature of the Earth – oh wait – maybe it was the curvature of my lens.  Either way, this bridge was big.

Humber BridgeWhen the Humber Bridge opened in July 1981 it was the world’s longest single-span suspension bridge.  It held that crown for 16 years when it was succeeded by the Green Belt Bridge in Denmark.  As at 2015 the Humber Bridge is now seventh in the rankings.

All the same, it’s impressive.  Especially from underneath.

Underneath the Humber BridgeThe Humber Bridge was designed to last 120 years.  This means that if we want to walk across it we have to walk from our present position in Dorset, round the south west of England, up through Wales, Cumbria, round Scotland and back down to the Humber by the year 2101, at which point it should still be standing.  But the question is, will we?

Humber Bridge

Points in this post (copy and paste the co-ordinates into Google Earth):

  • The Humber Bridge:   N 53° 42.455 W 000° 27.003

Trip Statistics:

  • Date of Visit: 10 March 2015
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3 Responses to A Sneak Preview: The Humber Bridge

  1. jcombe says:

    Ive walked across it but mainly be uase my train to Hull was late and I missed the bus I had planned to take. Next one in 3 hours! So a quick trip to Wh smith to buy a map and I walked from Hull to Barton on Humber via the bridge. It certainly is long.

  2. hg137 says:

    Hi – we have nominated you for the ‘One Lovely Blogger Award’ – please see our blog http://sandhurstgeocachers.wordpress.com for the full nomination – Regards, Mr and Mrs Hg137

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