The Coastal Path Goes Hardback!

When I started this blog I never thought my photos would be of particular interest to others, so I am always delighted to be contacted by those who want to use them.

In early 2014 I received an email from a historian called Daniel Kirmatzis.  He was co-authoring a book about Emanuel School in Battersea and the contribution of its staff and pupils to the two World Wars.  He had come across my blog and wanted to know if he could use one of my photos as an illustration.  I was very happy to say yes and after several months, in late 2014, a copy of Emanuel School at War, by Daniel Kirmatzis and Tony Jones, arrived on my doorstep.

Emanuel School at WarA hardback of 627 pages, the amount of research and work which has gone into this book is impressive indeed.  It is very personal at times, with many chapters dedicated to men and women as individuals.  Some of these are biographies; some are personal accounts and experiences; and still others are interviews.  As several members of the same families attended the same school, some chapters detail the different experiences and fates of each of these siblings.  Emanuel School at War focuses on the experiences of one school in two wars, but so many of its pupils and staff were involved in so many theatres that its coverage is also very extensive.

And as for my photo?  Here it is.

Emanuel at WarIt shows a plaque at Beachy Head, commemorating three French men who crossed the English Channel in canoes so as to reach England and continue their fight against the Nazis.  Upon arrival in England, after meeting Winston Churchill, they were received as guests by Emanuel School where they stayed for some weeks.

It just goes to show that a photo doesn’t always have to be tremendously beautiful, or an accomplished composition.  Sometimes, it just needs to show the right thing at the right time in order to spark someone’s interest.  And this is a good thing, because my photos tend to fall into this category!

Emanuel at War can be bought on Amazon, costing £30.00 plus postage.

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5 Responses to The Coastal Path Goes Hardback!

  1. Well many congratulations on that. RH

  2. Jill says:

    That is oh-so-awesome!

    You are building quite the photographer’s resume –
    Congratulations again 🙂

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