The Coastal Path in Norway – The Stavanger to Tau Ferry

One of the principal tourist destinations in southern Norway is Preikestolen, the Pulpit Rock.  Described by Lonely Planet as “One of the world’s most breathtaking viewing platforms”, it is located just over 15 miles due east of Stavanger, on the northern side of the Lysefjorden.  The most convenient way of reaching it from Stavanger is to take one of the regular ferries to Tau.  Busses then ferry tourists to and from the large car and coach park at Prekestolhytta, from which the walk to Preikestolen and back is a recommended five hours.

We realised that Priekestolen would be popular, so decided to take the first ferry of the morning.  Here it comes!

Ferry from Stavanger to TauWe were so pleased we caught the early one!  The sun was up, but it was still warming the world and the early morning haze was still burning off.  There were amazing views across the calm water, over the islands lying at the entrance to the fjords and across to the distant peaks behind.

Stavanger Islands in the MorningWhat a start to the day!

Points in this post (copy and paste the co-ordinates into Google Earth):

  • Ferry Departure from Stavanger:   N 58° 58.335 E 005° 44.412
  • Ferry Arrival at Tau:  N 59° 03.903 E 005° 54.499
  • Prekestolhytta (the start of the trail to Preikestolen):  N 58° 59.510 E 006° 08.275
  • Preikestollen (Pulpit Rock):   N 58° 59.225 E 006° 11.335

Walk Statistics:

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2 Responses to The Coastal Path in Norway – The Stavanger to Tau Ferry

  1. jcombe says:

    I was back in Norway last week and did the walk out to Kjerag that you can also do from Stavanger and did brave stepping out onto the boulder (here is the proof –

    I was surprised to note that a tunnel is now under construction to connect Stavanger to Tau, so it is expected the ferry will end this year when the tunnel opens. It will make it easier to access this lovely area.

    Are you still progressing on your coastal walk or have you given up for now?

  2. Wingclipped says:

    Hi JC – Thanks for the note – interesting info on the ferry. Yes, we’re still doing the Coastal Path, but slowly. Only one or two walks a year at the moment due to school, GCSE’s, A-levels, etc. Deb and I still intend on picking it up again more regularly but it will probably be a couple more years yet… Nic

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