The Coastal Path in Norway – Vigelandsparken Part III: The Monolith Plateau

The Monolith Plateau is the most popular part of Vigelandsparken; deservedly so in my opinion.  It lies above the other parts of the park and once we had arrived we found it hard to pull ourselves away.  The monolith itself is a raised central granite column 17.3 metres high.  It took three stone carvers 14 years to complete.  It is surrounded by 36 separately carved platforms, known collectively as the Circle of Life.

Monolith and Circle of LifeThe Monolith itself contains 121 figures, snaking and swirling up the column, stretching up towards the heavens.  Many of Vigeland’s sculptures represent the everlasting circle of life, where new life grows from death.  The Monolith offers a different perspective.  The figures here are reaching out for death; embracing it; almost striving for it.

MonolithSurrounding the Monolith is the Circle of Life, my favourite part of the park.  I walked around it several times.  The rock hard granite faces were full of emotion.

Stretching away from the Monolith, the Circle of Life comprises 12 separate arms, each consisting of three platforms.  Each arm is concerned with a different phase of life.  There is birth…

Circle of Life Close Up …growing into childhood.

Circle of Life Close UpChildhood turns into adolescence…

Circle of Life Close Up…which can become quite boisterous at times…

Circle of Life Close Up…until a certain level of maturity is reached.

Circle of Life Close UpThere is love.

Circle of Life Close UpAnd perhaps, at times, conflict.

Circle of Life Close UpHappiness is in growing old together.

Circle of Life Close UpAlthough Time soon catches up with us…

Circle of Life Close UpSome manage to give Time a pretty good run for its money.

Circle of Life Close UpEventually, however, there is only one outcome for the living.

Circle of Life Close UpAnd we must all embrace Death, for Death will most certainly embrace us.

Circle of Life Close Up

Date of Visit:  17 July 2014

The Monolith Plateau (copy and paste the co-ordinates into Google Earth):

  • The Monolith Plateau:  N 59° 55.662 E 010° 41.936
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4 Responses to The Coastal Path in Norway – Vigelandsparken Part III: The Monolith Plateau

  1. winderjssc says:

    An outstanding work of art.

  2. asthaguptaa says:

    Wow! seems so exciting! Glad you’re having such a lovely time 🙂

  3. Those are extraordinary. I can’t exactly say beautiful, but powerful sculptures for sure. RH

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