68b – Hythe to Fawley

The Coastal Path from Hythe is not very….coastal.  There is a lot of road.  Miles and miles of it in fact.

Hart Hill

No, really.  Miles of it.  And miles.

Hythe Bypass

We walked over 10 miles of the flat grey stuff on this walk.  Tedium soon set in.

Tedious Road Walking

Ten miles of road-walking is not fun.  Still, there were a few things to see along the way.  Guinea fowl for example, giving us their beady eye.

Guinea Fowl

But best of all was something we saw as we reached Blackfield, just by Fawley.  It was a massive bird of prey, gliding high above us and sometimes making huge, slow flaps of its wings.  I think this was a buzzard.  Whatever it was, it was a sight to behold!

Buzzards I think

Points on this part of the walk (copy and paste the co-ordinates into Google Earth):

  • Guinea Fowl:  N 50° 51.435 W 001° 23.335
  • Blackfield:  N 50° 49.580 W 001° 22.350

Walk #68 Statistics (of which this post forms the second part):




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5 Responses to 68b – Hythe to Fawley

  1. That does look tedious :/. But I remember when I walked that way I picked up a footpath that led through woods and then down the edge of the Solent to the coast. I think it was the Solent Way. It was quite pleasant.

    • Wingclipped says:

      Hi Ruth – we got some woodland for part of it, but there was a huge amount of road walking. And then the next day there was even more! We are now through that section though and back to proper coast – phew!

  2. Jill says:

    The people next door have a whole bunch of guinea hens.
    I love it when they wander into my yard – they are the funniest
    birds to watch!

    Ten miles of no coast will make you guys appreciate the water
    so much more once you reach it again 🙂

  3. Looks quite buzzardy. Buzzardish. Buzzardine. Whatever… RH

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