68a – Hythe Part II

What is the best way to start a day’s walking?  Not, perhaps, the two hour drive down to the coast!  But I find I need that two hour drive, because at the end it makes it all the better when I crawl out of the car, stretch, look up, and see this:

Flybe Approaching Southampton

Yes, it was going to be a Bright Blue Day today!  Hythe seemed to anticipate this and had hung bunting out as if to greet us and cheer us on our way.  We felt very welcome until we realised nobody was there cheering us!


But if the townsfolk of Hythe didn’t turn out for us, the animals of Hythe certainly did!  Who would have thought that an alpaca would come to say hello?

Alpaca at Shore Road Hythe

The donkeys were very friendly…

Pony at Shore Road Hythe

And cutest little animal of all was the knee-high lamb.

Lamb at Shore Road Hythe

“Oh, those poor things!” I said to my daughter.

“What do you mean?” she asked quizzically.

“Well,” I said, “Those poor little lambs are killed when they’re only weeks old so that you can have a nice dinner”.

Catherine thought a moment.

“Oh,” she said with a mournful empathy that nearly moved me to tears, “But they’re just so tasty…”


Points on this part of the walk (copy and paste the co-ordinates into Google Earth):

  • Hythe High Street:  N 50° 52.217 W 001° 23.940
  • Farm Animals:  N 50° 51.635 W 001° 23.265

Walk #68 Statistics (of which this post forms the first part):





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2 Responses to 68a – Hythe Part II

  1. Jill says:

    Lol – I guess we know who will never be a vegetarian! 😛

    • Wingclipped says:

      Funnily enough Catherine is truly the most likely – she dislikes almost all meats but for some reason roast lamb brings her to the table like a vampire to blood…

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