The Coastal Path in Brussels – Street Art

I cannot leave Brussels without mentioning its street art.  It was all over the place and really made a difference.

Brussels Street Art

As ever, some idiot with their spray can had daubed their scrawl over the picture.  I suppose this happens everywhere, but in Brussels there was less of this sort of thing.  There seemed to be a certain respect for the city’s street art.  We tend not to get that back home in London.  The presence of street art is generally thought to be a free-for-all graffiti canvas by anyone wielding a can of spray paint.

Not so in Brussels!

Brussels Street ArtThe inventiveness of some of the Brussels street art was incredible!  I especially liked this next one.  Look what they did with the gutter!  Can you see the plant growing out of it?  Tell me – is that a real plant or a painted one?It took me a moment to realise that the artwork door wasn’t disguising a real door!  I love the way the stonework pattern matches and even joins the adjoining building.  And look at the cobbles at the bottom – are they real of painted?  For a cartoon it blends into real life very well indeed!

Brussels Street ArtThe street art in Brussels isn’t all about cartoons.  Here is another of my favourites, found opposite the immigration centre.  This one took over an entire building.

Brussels Street ArtAs I stood and looked at this building it reminded me of our Coastal Path.  We had enjoyed Brussels and will most certainly be coming back, but it was time to get back to our walk around the coast of Britain.

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  1. Jody says:

    They’re all fantastic!

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