66k – Stubbington to Titchfield

The reeds in Titchfield Haven Nature Reserve struggled valiantly to provide some colour to the landscape as the dark clouds rolled in.

Titchfield Haven

Nature, I thought, can be truly beautiful.  And with that thought we took a deep breath of fresh air <GASP> and headed off to the pollution of Southampton.

Solent Industry

To be fair, it was the opposite side of Southampton Water where all that industry was.  We still had quite a pleasant walk up the eastern side first.  Well, I say pleasant – nature threw a few obstacles in our way…

Muddy Puddle #1

Deb was so scared of falling in that she kept her eyes closed the whole time!

Muddy Puddle #2But a few muddy puddles weren’t going to stop us!

Muddy Puddle #6

Although I readily accept they might have slowed us down a bit…

Muddy Puddle #7


Points on this part of the walk (copy and paste the co-ordinates into Google Earth):

  • Titchfield Haven:  N 50° 49.060 W 001° 14.720
  • Muddy Puddles:  N 50° 49.383 W 001° 15.350

Walk #66 Statistics (of which this post forms the eleventh part):


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1 Response to 66k – Stubbington to Titchfield

  1. Jill says:

    Those could be pictures of the trail along the canal by my house after a good rainstorm!

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