59a – West Wittering

This morning we parked at West Wittering Beach car park, about a quarter of a mile further on from where we turned inland at the end of our last walk.  Being somewhat anal about these things, I dragged my family back east to the point where we left the beach last time, and then turned them around to walk back again.  They all seemed to be OK about this, including my aunt, who is shown in this next photograph to be on the prowl for something (we never learnt what).

Auntie Jenny on the Prowl in West WitteringAs we were on our return journey, three horses with riders cantered by in the surf.

3a - Horses on West Wittering Beach cropped

What beautiful creatures!

Horse at West Wittering croppedIt was a grey day today; the beach huts tried to add a bit of cheerful colour, but struggled.

West Wittering Beach HutsIn fact the brightest thing around today was us!  My wife is never knowingly outdone when it comes to neon.  I sometimes tell my wife that for as long as I am with her I will never be lost.  She thinks I am being romantic.

8a - West Wittering Beach cropped

Points on this part of the walk (copy and paste the co-ordinates into Google Earth):

  • West Wittering Beach:  N 50° 46.600 W 000° 54.600

Walk #59 Statistics (of which this post forms the first part):

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2 Responses to 59a – West Wittering

  1. I’ve been slightly dreading the arrival of WW on your journey. Childhood scene of ‘a lovely day at the sea’ back in the day: grey skies, howling winds, sandwiches with real sand, sulphurous hard-boiled eggs, tar and rusty barbed wire entanglements from WWII in the smelly dunes. It’s obviously changed massively for the better in the decades since – though maybe not the weather there, by the look of it. Please move on sharpish. RH

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