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56d – Felpham

Behind the promenade at Felpham is a terrace of brightly coloured beach huts, set back on an open grass area.  As we walked through we noticed a gazebo on the grass, and some form of display.  We walked over and … Continue reading

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56c – Elmer to Felpham

We had lunch at Elmer.  I could have sat there for hours, just staring out to sea. Of course, if I had sat there for hours staring out to sea I would have become rather wet, for the tide was … Continue reading

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56b – Littlehampton to Elmer

On our way out of Littlehampton and into Climping, we passed a loopholed wall.  It was some kind of fortification.  What was this, or what did it used to be?  Certainly Littlhampton has its own fort, the Littlehampton Redoubt, built in … Continue reading

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56a – Littlehampton Part IV

What with birthday parties, descending relatives, a weekend away, Scotland trips and foreign holidays all out of the way (for a short while) we finally had time to get back to our Coastal Path.  We are now travelling for over 4 hours … Continue reading

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The Coastal Path in Antalya – Scuba

Given they are only 10, I was quite proud of the children when they said they wanted to do a scuba diving course. Of course, this was only an introductory course in the hotel swimming pool.  They are not yet … Continue reading

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