55c – Ferring to Angmering-on-Sea

At Ferring the low tide exposed a rocky beach, behind which lay sand flats.  We hunted around the rocks to see what we could find; far off in the distance a man and his daughter were digging in the sand for lugworms.  This seems to be a common preoccupation down at the coast.  I wonder:  do fishermen spend more time digging for lugworms, or fishing for fish?

Low Tide at FerringWe found some tiny sand crabs.

Sand CrabCrabs were not the only fruits of our search.  We found a headless fish lying on the sand.  What was it, we wondered?

Lesser Spotted DogfishWhen we got home I got the books out and started trying to find what we had discovered lying on the sand.  I found some sketches of dogfish.  Could it be a dogfish?  I turned to Google and tried an images search.  I was surprised to be taken straight to the website which I know well:  Jessica’s Nature Blog.  Jessica keeps an excellent blog and I have followed it for a long time.   What a co-incidence that Google should direct me to her particular site!

It would appear that this headless carcass is that of a Lesser Spotted Dogfish.  How did it end up without a head I wondered?

As we continued west and entered Kingston Gorse, we noticed that the houses overlooking the sands seemed to be getting quite expensive.  A wide expanse of well-tended grass separated them from the beach itself.

Houses of Kingston GroseAnd then, by the time we reached Angmering-on-Sea, the houses were so expensive you couldn’t see them any more!

Walled Gardens at Angmering-on-SeaThe fact that we couldn’t see anything but walls to our right was fine; we were more interested in the views to our left.


Points on this part of the walk (copy and paste the co-ordinates into Google Earth):

  • Houses at Kingston Gorse: N 50° 48.200 W 000° 27.955
  • Walled Gardens at Angmering-on-Sea:  N 50° 48.191 W 000° 29.390

Walk #55 Statistics (of which this post forms the third part):

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2 Responses to 55c – Ferring to Angmering-on-Sea

  1. Angmering! Another Madeleine Moment name for me: where we used to go when I was little, for a cold swim and a lettuce-based picnic with sulphurous boiled eggs lightly dusted with crunchy sand… [There were good aspects too, of course!]

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