53a – Shoreham-by-Sea Part I

The weather was particularly promising when we arrived back at Shoreham Power Station today.  As we walked towards the harbour the colours of the sky, sea and sand all had that “today’s going to be a good day” hue to them.  It was only a short walk to the harbour, and we had good views back to the power station and beyond.

Looking back to Shoreham Power StationShoreham Harbour is a watery beast of many arms; there are five of them in total.  The longest is the easternmost, and we were able to walk along it.

Shoreham Harbour

Half way along, and jutting out to sea at a right-angle to this arm, is some prefabricated rip rap.  You can see it in the photo above.  This stuff is absolutely huge.  The next photo shows a woman sat on some of it.  A person could quite happily crawl through the hole in the middle of each piece.

Shoreham Harbour Defences

At high tide the waters almost cover the entire length of it.

Having walked up the breakwater, there was nothing for it but to turn back.  There is a short-cut route across the harbour, by way of the Prince George Lock.  However, when we arrived the gates to the lock crossing were closed and padlocked.  We had to wait a good 20 minutes for a ship, the Arco Dee, to navigate its way through the narrow gates.  I would estimate it performed this feat at less than a mile an hour, making its way slowly, very slowly, through.  There was about 10 foot clearance either side of the ship.  Slow as it was, it was impressive to watch.

Arco DeeEvery now and again the pilot poked his head out of the bridge window, checking his progress.  What he would have done if he were not heading as straight, I do not know.

The Arco Dee got through the lock and then moored itself.  The lock master emerged from his booth and opened the gates, allowing through the by-now considerable number of people waiting at either side.

Piloting the Arco DeeFor me, from now on, there is no such thing as being “as straight as an arrow”.  From now on, it is “as straight as the Arco Dee”!

Points on this part of the walk (copy and paste the co-ordinates into Google Earth):

  • Shoreham Power Station:  N 50° 49.790 W 000° 13.878
  • Shoreham Harbour Rip Rap:  N 50° 49.603 W 000° 14.728
  • Prince George Lock:  N 50° 49.797 W 000° 14.225

Walk #53 Statistics (of which this post forms the first part):

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4 Responses to 53a – Shoreham-by-Sea Part I

  1. Jody says:

    😉 You know how much I like rip-rap! This type is pretty fancy. We saw some very similar to this on the Central California Coast. ~Thanks much for the link back!

  2. Jill says:

    Thoughts of a rip-rap sales person are going through my mind….

    “Regular old rocks? Nah! You don’t want those! Check out the rip-rap we
    have available!” …and then I can see him pulling out a catalog of rip-rap
    of various shapes and sizes… And then the person buying the rip-rap:
    “Oooh! I *love* that shape there! (pointing in the catalog) Does it come in
    any other colors?…..

    Which kind of begs the question: How expensive is one rip-rap to buy?
    And how does one decide how many to get? And I wonder if the price
    would include delivery and placement of the pieces or if that is extra….

    So many questions…. 🙂

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