48f – Hope Gap to Seaford

We walked away from Hope Gap, up the ice age valley and onto the cliffs that would take us over to Seaford.  Ahead of us and slightly inland, we saw a strange looking structure.  What was it?  The map told us we were walking next to a golf course.  Was it some new-fangled driving range?

VOR Air Traffic Control EquipmentIn fact this was some VOR Air Traffic Control radio equipment.  This modern piece of equipment was sat right next to the walls of an ancient Iron Age fort.  These walls are now little more than earth-covered mounds, but they are marked on the map and easy to spot if you look out for them.  This fort was originally quite a way inland, but coastal erosion now means that the cliffs have caught up with it.  Half of it has fallen into the sea.

Ancient Walls of the Iron Age Fort at Seaford HeadOver the cliffs we went, and then down the approach to Seaford.  There were some interesting furrows in the grass here.  They were mini striations, guiding us into the town.

Approaching SeafordWe carried on.  At one point, just as we descended into the town itself, we witnessed a sombre ceremony, as three people quietly turned a container into the wind and scattered the ashes of a loved one.  We turned and took one last look back to the cliffs, then carried on forward and down into the car park at the eastern extremity of the town.

Looking Back from Seaford Cliffs

Points on this part of the walk (copy and paste the co-ordinates into Google Earth):

  • VOR Air Traffic Control Radio Equipment:  N 50° 45.640 E 000° 07.315
  • Iron Age Fort East Wall:  N 50° 45.600 E 000° 07.195
  • Iron Age Fort West Wall:  N 50° 45.680 E 000° 06.955
  • Furrows in the Grass:  N 50° 45.703 E 000° 06.890
  • Seaford Car Park:  N 50° 45.885 E 000° 06.495

Walk #48 Statistics (of which this post forms the last part):

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3 Responses to 48f – Hope Gap to Seaford

  1. Beautiful scenery for a walk!!

  2. Jody says:

    Those cliff edges always make me nervous! Yet, they are so beautiful that one really is drawn to look over the edge. Your photos are so dramatic… I really want to tell those folks not to get so close!

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